Smoke? Don’t mind if I do.

Thick glass with graceful slopes and sharp turns…shiny steel with more curves than J-Lo milled to perfection…”Home of more JACKPOTS, Nugget Reno !”…wait what?! No this isn’t another boring piece of car writing, here at Lift Trucks we focus on something a lot more artistic; ash trays. They might not produce the same muster as a 50′s Cadillac, but are probably even more a work of art and history combined. Today, ash trays are on top of ugly trash can, placed far enough away from buildings so the outcast smokers don’t offend the normal people trying to leave. No, instead these ash trays harken back to the days when you could even smoke on a plane; when you had to dress up for this flying event; where there was a fresh meal; and the TSA wasn’t looking at you naked on a computer screen. One of them features a cartoon; a disheveled woman in a skirt asking the Doc, “Meals? Thought you said three males a day!”. This was before The Atkins Diet, when all the doc ordered to be healthy was a steak and pack of cigarettes. These are relics of a dead era. Another, made by Hitachi, is a heavy piece made of solid steel. It looks like a huge engine cylinder and has a polished appeal of an expensive factory machine. Now, these trays hold nothing but our business  cards and a couple of match packs.  Another features a model incinerator, made by Kerner Incinerator Co. (it’s cleverly called “The Kernerator”), complete with working hinges for the ash and fake bricks that make a model chimney. Try finding something like that today; nobody would even bother doing all that work. So stop by today and catch a rare glimpse at advertising history.