Gnomes for everybody.

Ever drive by a house with a perfect lawn, no trees, and a nice collection of dwarves and pink flamingos…and want to rip someone’s head off??! Good, so do we at Lift Trucks. One look at Horl’s work and you can see the outrage against tradition and the suburban cookie-cutter lifestyle. One sculpture is a refreshing twist on the garden gnome, featuring the dwarf flipping the middle finger replete with an ugly mustard-yellow coating. This is the same artist that had enough brass to actually place hitler gnomes all around Germany (hint: the government didn’t take the historical reference kindly). Horl simply responded “it’s pretty clear that garden gnomes are silly and that they do silly things”, can’t argue with that logic. His work certainly points out the silliness and ridiculousness  of the everyday; like when he took a household hare sculpture and placed 7,000 of them in a pattern in a public square.