Digital Kool-Aid

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Shades of Mad Men!  Carl Van Brunt showing at Oriole 9, began his career in the advertising world as a creative director at  Doremus.  We love the advertising world. Carl did very well reportedly and went on to open his own fab agency in New York.

He then founded the Carl van Brunt Gallery, by far the best gallery and art project space in Beacon. And that is including that mind numbing stuck-in-a-tar-pit DIA dinosaur with their never ending miles of dull art.  Wow! Here's a hole in the ground!  Look, if you squint some string kind of looks like a sheet of glass. The whole point of the clever Beuys Coyote performance was, you guessed it, the performance!  Not the artifacts stuffed into a third story closet. The DIA lawn is the best part with the little bricks working their way into the grass as you dutifully trudge into this art mausoleum.

Carl's place was like opening a window in the stuffy lunch room at Art Forum magazine, a breath of fresh air to the Hudson Valley.  

Carl has always been an artist and looks to wisely have found his true and real calling. Swirling Psycadelic art with no pretense of handwork but all gorgeous digital wonder. And yes, it is wonderful.  

The handling of color and deep perspective draw you in and leave you with sitars and floating butterflies. In a good way.    

It is extremely cool and a must see in, yep, Woodstock. Makes you want to paint your bus and go On the Road.