Mayall not Mayer

And yep, we did indeed know it was John Mayall not John Mayer.

He's about 90 now.  Actually born 1933, but still rocking away. Kind of living proof that keeping active, doing something rather than watching tv or glogging on The Facebook all day long might work. Maybe living the creative life keeps you alive and young? Think of all the doctors who retire, take up art then keel after their last Monte Cristo sandwich pulling into port on the Norwegian Dawn.

This concert was in Ridgefield at a high school auditorium turned venue for rockers like Los Lobos and Dr. John and White Snake. White Snake would be a concert where you would want to set up a folding chair in the parking lot to see just what kind of person would show up for a White Snake concert. Seats are a little cramped but you can drink heavily while watching so it makes up for that.  Some of the audience here brought their own Mountain Dews and Hostess treats to enjoy.

We keep hoping Keith Richards will hop up on stage,  he's a local and owns part of a neighborhood restaurant.  Another great rocker, though he reportedly looks more like Skeletor than ever and on good authority we have heard the Devil had a sign out that read "Welcome Keith! " But after 30 years Ol' Scratch reportedly got tired of waiting and took the banner down. Go Keith Richards, go!

 So John Mayall's famous Bluesbreakers had everyone from Jeff Beck to Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton in his former bands. A rocker-blues-farm-team where you'd play the blues, learn the showmanship, then move onto and start your own band. His current band is great. The guitarist who is kind of overweight but really ripped, the rest of the guys looked like John Mayall picked them up for this gig Chuck Berry style where you hit town, run down the list of available musicians and grab whoever was handy to slam out a show.  

A friend of our describe Mayall as the Abe Lincoln of the blues. The grand ol' Man. Mr. Mayall referred to a 3-ring binder for his playlist but after 23 albums that might be expected. His voice was distinctive and very clear. Perfect timing from the father of English Blues.

If you get a chance go see this rock legend!