Monsters Mean Business

Just in this cool " Monsters That Mean Business", business card! Received by our local postmaster Anthony, who complained "Get this package out of here." he said. "It's giving me a headache."

Ed Roth almost single handedly created the Kustom Kulture decade in Southern California.

Package from Jax Finkster, Austin TX

His star creation was Rat fink. A smelly, fat rodent surrounded by flies, embellished with a grotesque wrap around tail.  He never did anything. He never said anything. He had only one pose, he was never in a Saturday morning cartoon much less an animated children's attraction or action ride (aka Disneyland). But we loved him and drew him constantly on our notebook covers.

Big Daddy Roth's inventive cars like the Beatnik Bandit were made into 1/25th scale models by the prestigious Revell model company. They finally  got word of how Roth dressed. Shabby. His relationship with personal hygiene was at best, casual.

"You're a role model. You must dress up."  Said Revell to Big Daddy. So he did. He went to a Goodwill bought tux, tails and a high hat. Still slept in his car but did indeed "dress up" when airbrushing tee's and sweatshirts at the Irwindale National Speedway and local car swap meets. 

Big Daddy in his golden years