Don't Buy That, Buy This!

The best jeans ever! Wear with a sports coat or a tee shirt, the feel and the look is fab. Details, stitching, indigo fabric from Japan, color and comfort are incredible and well worth the price. What we like is that you wear them for six months before washing. Then they become tailored to you, the creases show up in the right places after washing. Our advice is to buy one pair of jeans that last ten years, not crap you have to replace every six months.

Got to look sharp.

From Glenn Mance the designer and CEO.

- fabric is made in Japan by a mill called Kuroki that uses production methods that have minimal effect on the environment, its pure indigo 3x1 twill, 12.3 ox per yd/2
- buttons & rivets are made in the best metal button producer in Italy using low impact methods as well & no toxic chemicals for achieving the finish
- leather patch is made in Italy using eco-firendly tanning & finishing processes
- pocketing is made in Italy & is yarn dyed versus printed cotton/nlyon for extra strength & softness
- hang tag & joker tags are made in Spain using recycled material
- button has twill reinforcement for better strength so it won’t wear out the waist band or tear out if accidentally pulled or snagged
- hems are chain stitched for extra strength & authentic look
- inseam are double needle felled construction for extra strength
- belt loops are longer to accommodate wider belts
- the button hole is a signature detail that uses the selvage to form the besom button holes - before the button hole machine was invented besoms were on of the wads button holes were made (the other being hand stitched button holes)