What's Behind Door Number Two?!

A very good tattoo artist friend of ours knows one of the big shots on Storage Wars (or some other TV show that people bid on to get contents of abandoned storage units.)

His story.

"He told him about my collection.

The guy from the show called me and asked to borrow some of my prime sheets for the show so they could put them in a locker and have the “Lucky High Bidder” FIND them there. What a crock of shit. Of course I told him they were not available to loan out or to rent.

What looks out of place here?

They carefully load the units with items to make the show look cool.

I’m not sure of the show’s name as there’s a few different ones.

It was one of the better known ones though.

I had heard of it and I don’t watch hardly any television programs."

Many thanks our our friend for letting us share his letter!