Charle "of Malta" Parnis

Compare these three head shots:

1. From Lift Trucks contributor.

2. Long sheet found in Dusty Rhodes’ studio.

3. Charlie “of Malta” Parnis, early 1900s. Collection of Hanky Panky, Amsterdam Tattoo Museum. From Pierced Hearts and True Love: A Century of Drawings for Tattoos, The Drawing Center.       

Lab staff sent packing along with our scientific laboratory of expensive machinery. We now trust in knowledge the passed down through generations, the good eyes and common sense of our friends in the tattoo world. Great analysis that has shed light on a previously unexplored subject regarding tattoo flash painted over 100 years ago. Difficult task indeed.

Clear out your desks.

Schools out forever for these Lift Trucks employees and their shoddy research.

Fill high the dumpster!

We now trust the eyes of our friends. Many thanks again to Messrs. Skuse & Shudehill.

We now must have any help with information regarding the mystery of Charlie,of Malta,Parnis.

First question: Did he live ever in Malta, or was he an Englishman with Malta as his calling card, much like "Brooklyn" Joe Leiber? A man who reportedly never set shoe leather down once in the good borough.