Dispatches from Crutch - Sailing Away

Last Farewell to Shipyard Cove...I took the "Chu Hwa" down for a dip this afternoon, to sea trial her....she sailed really beautiful, perfect trim, and with a slight nudge of "Norwegian Steam” she was underway and making way…mighty pretty she was. Sad thing, I had not been to the Cove in three months time, I have been going there for over half a century and that little section of coast on St. Joe Bay was all natural just as it had been when I first visited Aunt Zola & Capt. Fred so many years ago.

Aunt Zola would not let a bush be cut they were all God`s flowers = yes weeds & all...and it was a beautiful spot. Well, in my absence the city has seen fit to cut down all the foliage and dump sand in there to make it part of the new style walking park. Now all the small creatures that made that small strand their home are evicted and must look for shelter elsewhere, yes a shame....I will miss going there but will never go back ....today my last trip.

That’s my newest toy boat I have built from solid pine wood, i named it Chu Hwa after my Mother in Law.

Crutch Sailing