When you read it you will know. This is for you.

A collection of poems by Kayla Milanes


All I see is sunflowers and white roses and Lily’s 

and railroad tracks

and there are white haired women singing “there will be days like this”

where the concrete don’t shine and the sidewalk cracks

singing “Young folk don’t know nothing bout love”

Like “There’s got to be days like this first”

There got to be days like this so you know you’re alive, child

so that young fool don't make you think he’s the reason

White haired women, they said there’d be days like this when all you got is the ride home

until the sun don’t shine on the things you once needed it to


“Save it for yourself”

Your mother’s hips did not stretch and her back break in half 

for you to give your body to a boy who does not worship it


“Stop looking”

Behind the sugar coating and the salt covered rims there is uneasiness

There is cracked paint

There is no beauty here 

Stop looking


“honor yourself first”

There will be times that your mind is a war zone that you cannot conquer

and your body is a dead soldier on the battlefield

You will lose your pride and your honor and there will be no one watching

There will be no flag spread for you

No memorial in your honor

You must clap for yourself


“Self explanatory”

Teaching a man how to love you is like teaching your body how to breathe

You shouldn't have to


“Your mother should've told you this"

You do not deserve any less than a heart that will break outside of its bones for you



My mother

with her cocoa covered skin and charcoal coated hair

is the first home I have ever planted my wet soil covered toes in


“No one can help you”

You are sad

You are a boneless body begging for someone to hold you up straight

You can’t even hold yourself up without collapsing into your own weathered skin

You can’t rise

You never could


“What it means to me”

To be loved is to be looked at like you are light

Like you are brighter than any shadow this cold world has tried to cast you in


“That is the only way you will feel whole”

Find someone who loves the parts of you 

you didn't know how to on your own


“It’s not over yet”

You are a crooked painting

Or maybe a crooked smile

Or a half healed scar

You are only trying the best you can

Keep trying


“What it should've been”

Love is not boastful

It is not loud or obscene

It is small

It is a hand or a ring finger

Anything you can hold onto

Anything you can fit into your pocket for the days you are not sure

On the days where your head beats louder than your heart

When your heart seems too small to feel its own beat this love will be a reminder

A soft whisper for when even your hands are too broken to feel it


About Kayla Milanes:
"I'm a 20 year old girl from a small town who writes for the people who need to hear it. Who will feel something, read my poems and understand."