Dispatch SS-525 recently had the pleasure to attend the 44th Reunion with the crew of my old Diesel Boat/Sub USS Grenadier SS-525…was a nice time swapping sea stories, well those of us that were still somewhat vertical that is ha ha  ...one of my Boat`s former crew, even older, before us, and kindly remember my crew was 44yrs ago!! He sailed Torpedomans Mate stationed in Pearl, did hitches at sea on several of the "Boats" home-ported there...he was well-acquainted with Sailor Jerry and was wall-to-wall tatted by that Great Inker, he told me "Skimmer" = surface ships sailors as they were called...Nor anyone did Sailor Jerry extend credit to on tats = with the exception of Boat/Sub Sailors .... 

The TM (Torpedoman`s Mate) had a great chest piece, said the Square rigged Clipper Ship image that Sailor Jerry took straight off the old label of a Cuttysark whisky bottle. Said, “Crutch, I had to pay that one off over several paychecks.”  Ha ha...as he did not have the dough to pay at one go = he told me Sailor Jerry ALWAYS extended credit on work to Submarine Crews....easy to see Sailor Jerry knew who he could trust and who he couldn’t = and Diesel Boat Sailors he could trust!! These Tats never seen before ha ha = can you imagine at the Reunion with many folks and wives and I am taking my Shipmate behind a curtain have him take his shirt off to photograph the Tats = yeah who loves ya Brother Tom ha ha = who else would do that ....wish the right sleeve had come out clearer it was a Sailor Jerry pinup lady with USN ..the other with Hulas etc...DBF = " DIESEL BOATS FOREVER"