Richard Serra, Bully with a Beret

Dropping by the Richard Serra show at Gagosian brought to mind a Vanity Fair article. It compiled a list of the top Six Artists alive today.

Here are the results: 

      The Most-Voted-for Artists

  • Gerhard Richter: 24 votes
  • Jasper Johns: 20 votes
  • Richard Serra: 19 votes
  • Bruce Nauman: 17 votes
  • Cindy Sherman: 12 votes
  • Ellsworth Kelly: 10 votes. 

Serra’s work, 7 Plates, 6 Angles, summed up our gallery experience. The piece bossed us around just like a high school class bully. “Go here!” it demanded. “No, go over there!” “Get outta my way!” It was just itching for an excuse to do some bodily harm.

Vanity Fair reported that Richard Serra voted for himself. Which makes sense. 7 Plates, 6 Angles, has a blustery self-confidence.

After pussyfooting around the work for a while we made a beeline for the door. The sculpture shouted after us, “Hell, yah, I am gonna vote for myself!”

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